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Applications and features
The machine adopts microcomputer program digital control technology, outfit amount arbitrary adjustable, for content range 0.04 g-5 g, rated capacity (7 ml bottled penicillium potassium 800000 units) for 300 bottles/points. Pack powder way as the direct filling, outfit powder screw a servo motor drive directly, falls directly powder in a medicine inside, servo motor speed (0 to 3000 RPM) no parking is adjustable. Changing bottle specifications, packing head position does not need to adjust. Control system with parameter memory is not lost the power of grouting, touch the bottle shell detection capabilities. The main motor stepless frequency control, main transmission points with high degree of spatial CAM dividing institutions, positioning high accuracy, low noise advantages.
1,man-machine interface touch screen +PLC programmable controller control.
2,ZhiXianShi lose bottle positioning repacking, double screw double way into the bottle, reasonable structure, reliable running smoothly.
3,the range: it measures 0.04 g~5g.φ16-φ32 antibiotics that glass bottles.
4,with inverted bottle, no bottle filling the parking, no bottle stopper, automatic sampling check, no plug bottles of eliminating the before and after, nitrogen, automatic filling up outside powder, automatic and plug, yield count etc. Function.
5,can supply FFU level (ISO5) laminar and isolation protection system, and dust particles online monitoring, the floating bacteria, settlement bacteria on-line monitoring, assembly medium simulation filling system, the whole machine are calculated by the new requirement of GMP design.
1. The production capacity: 300 bottles/points(7 ml bottled penicillium potassium 0.5 g)
2. Servo motor installed amount of adjustment range: 0-30000 500 units=screw turn 1 lap
3. To adapt to the pedormanoe: crystal powder, powder spray drying, freeze drying powder
4. Measurement precision: ±2%
5. Total power:3.3 KW
6. Fall powder driving way:servo motor PLC program control and direct filling way
7. Fall plug way:electromagnetic oscillation for plug, vacuum plug, mechanical gradual jump the queue
8. Take plug rate: > 99.8%
9. The power supply voltage: single-phase 220V 50 Hz ac
10.Overall size:4400 x 1745x 1550 (mmm)
11.Weight: 1500 Kg
12. The main motor control adopts stepless variable frequency speed regulation(the main motor power 1.1 Kw)
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