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Oral Liquid Automatic Production Line

YGZ24/36 oral liquid filling and capping machine is mainly used for small dose filling and capping process in pharmaceutical and food industries. This machine can be used alone, or with the company's YQC-140 type ultrasonic cleaning machine, GMS type hot air circulation oven, YGZ24/36 type oral liquid filling and capping machine and other equipment to form oral liquid filling production line. 
KQC-140 ultrasonic bottle washing machine is the latest product developed by our company, which is used for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories to mass-produce antibiotics and biochemical drugs liquid preparations of antibiotic cilin bottle special cleaning equipment. This machine cleans antimicrobial glass bottles with a diameter of 16-32mm. 
Cap line is suitable for 50ml, 100ml penicillin bottle and large oral liquid bottle liquid filling, rotary cap, the machine adopts eight needles and eight pumps filling,
Automatic oral liquid filling linkage line is carefully developed and designed by our company on the basis of the new GMP requirements and digestion and absorption of international advanced technology. The production line is composed of KQC-140 vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine, GMS hot air circulation sterilization oven, ZYG-600 oral liquid filling and capping machine.Vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine can complete the ultrasonic rough washing of bottles, the bottle outer wall cleaning, three water and three gas cleaning in the bottle. The hot air circulation sterilization oven can dry, sterilize and remove pyrogen from bottles that have qualified cleaning. Oral liquid filling and capping machine can complete the filling and capping function. The production line is a mechanical and electrical integration of high intelligent pharmaceutical equipment, product performance is stable, simple and reliable operation, beautiful appearance. This production line can be configured according to the user's process requirements to meet the production requirements of different bottle specifications and different yields.
Oral Liquid Washing-baking-filling-rolling Production Line
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