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Our company's newly developed ultrasonic outer wall cleaning machine has a reasonable structure, advanced concept, energy saving, economic and practical, no pressure cleaning, low temperature and low pressure blow drying, stable operation, low noise, greatly reducing the risk of drugs in the production process, and the replacement of specifications using servo motor adjustment, speed, time saving, Fully in line with FDA, EU and China's new GMP requirements, filling the domestic gap. (Chinese invention patent product: Patent number ZL202211341455.0) 
ZYG/10 high speed linear liquid filling machine is the latest product developed by our company. It is used for mass production of antibiotics and biochemical drug liquids in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories Preparation freeze-drying, metering, filling and stuffing. This machine can fill antimicrobial glass bottles with a diameter of 16~32mm. ZYG/10 high-speed linear liquid filling machine adopts servo system drive and control, ten filling peristaltic pumps are driven by ten motors.
The machine adopts full servo microcomputer program digital control technology, on-line automatic weighing, or set intermittent weighing time. The device is fast and stable. The powder filling method is 8 filling stations, the powder filling nozzle is directly filled to the bottle mouth, the powder filling screw is driven by the servo motor, and the powder is directly dropped into the bottle, which will not cause secondary pollution.
Ultrasonic automatic bottle washing machine before the overall investment program design, refer to a series of requirements such as similar domestic products have been put into trial production and technology,
KZCX600 Ultrasonic Wave Bottle Washing Machine
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