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Applications and features
KQC-80 type vertical ultrasonic bottle-washing is a new product developed by our company, used for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory batch production antibiotics, biochemical drugs liquid preparation of antibiotics for special bottle cleaning equipment.
KQC-80 type ultrasonic bottle-washing, adopts the contact way wash bottles, use of ultrasonic "cavitation" function, to the bottle of outer wall and inner wall dirt thoroughly dissection, ultrasonic cleaning no dead Angle, wash the bottle process without damage, clean degree is high bottle range, replace the specifications a convenient, fully meet the requirements of GMP.
KQC-80 type ultrasonic bottle-washing is my company imported advanced reference to improve the similar equipment in order to adapt to the development of domestic packaging material and latest product, is the present domestic similar the most advanced equipment.
The machine when cleaning from coarse to fine cleaning and washing finished two steps. The bottle into the bottle nets take into by ultrasonic cleaning water tank rough wash, through into the bottle screw into the ascension dial the bottle pieces,then clamping manipulator, then flip on progressive high pressure water washing finished alternate fine cleaning, flip through out bottle manipulator to dish out bottle dial.
1. Production capacity: rated 400 bottles/points
2. The bottle specification: φ16-φ32
3. Total power: 18 KW
4. Ultrasonic power: 0.8 KW
5. Injection water: flow 500一700 L/H
          pressure 0.3一0.5 Mpa
          take over pipe diameter φ25
6. Compressed air: dosage 40 to 60 M3 / H
          pressure 0.3一0.5 Mpa
          take over pipe diameter φ25
7. Platoon moisture quantity: 80一140 M3/H
8. Weight: 2200 Kg
9. Appearance size: 2450 x 2140 x 1300