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Applications and features
ZYG-600 type high speed line liquid filling machine I new product developed by our company. Used for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory batch production antibiotics, biochemical drugs liquid preparation freeze-drying measurement filling, jump the queue. This machine can be filling diameter φ16-φ32 mm antibiotics glass bottles.
ZYG-600 type high speed line liquid filling machine adopts full servo drive, and the survivability of 1.5 KW servo motor one, filling system with the tracking and servo motor respectively by independent drive, 16 filling ceramic rotating piston pump respectively by 16 high precision ball screw through 16 servo motor drive, the reversing by one complete servo motor.This machine is of filling by bilateral every eight needles reciprocating tracking filling finish. Antibiotics glass bottle throughunscramble bottle buffer turntable is divided into two way into two respectively enter bottles rail, again through into the bottle before and after respectively into the main transfer orbit disk dial, and the Lord sent by special orbit transportation synchronous belt transmission isometric two columns will bottles, and bilateral all eight needles reciprocating tracking filling, after filling into stoppering the dial the plate before and after respectively, the lyophilizers or partially stoppered, and then through the bottle before and after each dish into two out of orbit dial, finally out bottle.
1.production capacity:rated 600 bottles/points(7ml bottle)
2.the bottle specification: φ16-φ32
3. for content range: 0.5-20 ml
4. measurement accuracy:0.6% or less for content standards
5. filing the needle: 16 stitches
6. filing pump: 16 pump (ceramic rotating piston pump)
7. filing way:servo motor PLC program control dive high precision ceramic pump
8. take plug way:electromagnetic oscillation for plug, vacuum pug cover plug
9. total power:<10.8 KW
10. vacuum pressure: 600 Pa
11. vacuum eidiaust: 60 m3 / h
12. weight 2100 Kg
13. overall size: 5200 x 1900 x 1600
Specifications: interface touch screen+PLC programmable controller control, the machine to all the servo control.
2.the microcomputer set filling for content, can be online adjustment of set filling parameters, control humanized intelligent. Adopting high precision ceramic piston pump, error less than for content plus or minus 0.6%.
3.ZhiXianShi continuous operation, the structure is reasonable. It can use single also can use attachment.
4.vacuum plug, gradual top bottle stopperirg the downy and reliable, jump the queue height is adjustable, has the lyophilizers partially stoppered function. Stoppering quartile success rate of 99.8%
5.the liquid level really follow filling, not easy foams, liquid surface smooth, the lyophilization process advantage.
6.complete enter bottles, filling machine, automatic plug, and other functions, adapt to the bottle wide specifications, specifications a replacement and fast for less.
7. with inverted bottle, no bottle filling the parking, no bottle stopper, automatic sampling check, no plug bottles of eliminating the before and after, nitrogen, automatic filling up outside plug, yield count etc. Function.
8.assembly FFU level (IS05) laminar and isolation protection system, and realize the online wind speed, air pressure monitoring, and dust parfides online monitoring, the floating bacteria, settlement bacteria on-line monitoring, and has the print, display, storage, alarm, control, and other functions.
9.and the use of materials and forwarded to the doddng device, comply with GMP certification requirements.
10. isolation system USES American northrop gloves operation,
11. and out bottle wilh DuoZhorg equipment can pick up and have a docking FFU isolation system protection.
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