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Applications and features
This machine is fit for producing automatic none-dried glue slick labels of 6-60glass tubular(mode) is the second-generation none-dried gule labbller researched and developed by our company.lts flexibility to bottle is very strong,lhe adapalion specification is wide and the power is high.The none-dried gule labels stuck by this machine is flat and beautiful,and the stick position completely meels the requirement of the pharmaceutical factory.This labbller adopts man-machine interface plus PLC controls touch screen to automatically stick label and print batch numberAt has some functions such as not sending label if there being no boltles,not repeating to print and automatically stoppoing working if the band breaking and so onAt can automatically record the output and control the output,and can take stepless speed regulation on the ability of production according to the speciftion of the bottle and the length of the paper of is convenient to chang bottle and adjust the paper of labelAt has some advantages such as compact struture,reasonable design and steady running and so on.
1. Working ability: 60-300 bottles/minute
2. Specification of bottle: φ16-φ60
3. Specification of label paper: the length is 10-150mm and the width is 10-80mm(label paper is non-transparent)
4. Specification of label paper plate: the inner hote of paper cirle is 76mm and the outer diameter is 350mm
5. Qualified rate of label:>99%
6. Power supply voltage: single phase 220V 50HZ
7. Total power:<1KW
8. Contour dimension: 2250 x 1250 x 1400mm(L x W x H)
9. Weight: 240Kg
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