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Introduction :
Automatic injection production line is my company combining linkage new GMP requirements and the digestion and absorption of advanced international technical basis meticulous research design becomes. The line is a vertical ultrasonic bottle-washing machine, hot air circulation sterilization oven, ZhiXianShi powder filling machine, the sword be automatic rolling machine, type cover non-dry tape marking machine etc. Vertical ultrasonic bottle-washing can complete the bottle of ultrasonic thick wash, bottles of the outer wall of cleaning, the bottle model of three gas cleaning. Hot air circulation sterilization oven can be cleaning the bottle of qualified for drying, heat sterilization to the original. ZhiXianShi powder filling machine can complete irrigation medicine, jump the queue function. ZhiXianShi powder filling machine configuration FFU and isolation protection system and can monitor the environment quality of A constantly. The DuoZhong form of sterile material transfer, and in isolalion and other equipment under protection). Linkage with the domestic and international advanced line instrumentation, can be online monitoring, print, storage technology parameters. At the same time in pink outfit sloppering the equipped isolation protection system, comply with the new GMP requirements. This production line for mechanical and electrical integration of high intelligence large pharmaceutical equipment, the products stable performance, easy to operate, reliable, and appearance. This production line is according to user requirement of process configuration can meet different bottle specifications, the yield of different production requirements.
1、Production capacity: 300 bottles/minutes(7 ml bottle)
2、The range: antibiotics glass bottles
3、For content, precision: plus or minus 2%
4、With plug qualified rate: 99.8% acuity
5、Total length: 20.6 m
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